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Medical Cannabis Card
Do I Qualify?

Sample list of qualifying conditions

Illinois has a list of qualifying conditions that make residents of the state eligible for medical cannabis certification. Thus far, Virginia has approved the following conditions:

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Schedule your appointment

You can book an appointment with a licensed medical cannabis doctor in Illinois through CannaHealrx at a time that suits you best. Simply provide your basic medical history and schedule your appointment. Medical record upload showing you have a qualifying condition are required ny Illinois.

Complete your evaluation

During the evaluation, the doctor will review your medical conditions, complete the MMJ Certification, and address any questions you may have regarding the diagnosis, treatment, or certification process. If you meet the qualifying criteria, the doctor will email you the Illinois Medical Cannabis Certification.

Register with the State

Once your evaluation is complete in Illinois, you must register with the state, pay the additional state fee, and submit your certification.

Get your Card

Once your registration is complete in Illinois, The state will process your application and notify you of your approval and mail your card.